How did you get into admissions? Was there something you studied that made you more qualified for the opportunity. I would LOVE to work at my university (I'm an alumna now), but it seems like they always want so much experience. Basically, they usually hire +-50 year olds with YEARS of office experience. Keep in mind that I was SUPER active in the university with above a 4.0 GPA, Honors program member, president of academic fraternity, etc. ...what am I doing wrong!? — Anonymous

Hello anon! I studied English and Communication Studies (so I could do anything), but I actually sort of stumbled into admissions by working as a student tour guide for my university during undergrad. My office has a temporary admissions counselor position nicknamed “Roadrunner” that they hire for every single year, and the applicants are generally those who were student tour guides. I applied for that position and was hired on temporarily, and then there was a fantastic opening and opportunity for me to be hired on full time. So that’s how I found my way into the admissions profession.

That’s interesting about the people your office generally hires… I find that most admissions offices would prefer younger professionals (and alumna!) because we can be more relatable while out trying to recruit high schoolers. Most offices look for higher education experience (as an involved student you essentially have a starter kit) and even sales experience, since that’s essentially what the job is.

I’m not sure what might be going on, but I hope that you are able to get the job you’d like because admissions really is a great field, especially for young professionals :) Good luck!

  1. brookebutler said: I was a student tour guide at my alma mater, as well!
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